You Can be Everything God Wants You to Be

Sometimes it’s difficult to figure out God’s plan, and if you don’t know the plan, it’s even harder to figure out the next step to take. Today, on Faith, Creativity, Life, I’m featuring a brand new book from Max Lucado. “You Can be Everything God Wants You to Be” is a gift book dedicated to helping readers zone in on what God has uniquely equipped them to do. Although it has over 120 pages, each page has wide margins and at practically pocket size, it’s a quick read. I read the entire thing in an afternoon.

I enjoyed the book and it helped me reaffirm my own direction, yet it didn’t really say anything profound. It was more of a pep talk and reminded me of a commencement speech with its encouragement to aspire and live a fulfilled life. In places it was repetitive and really the summary on the back cover said the entire message of the book in a paragraph. Still, Max Lucado has such a poetic way of writing that when you add that to the illustrations and word pictures that he often uses, he can take anything and make it sound new. For example, in one chapter Lucado says, “Spelunk these verses with me,” where most of us would use the conventional word, “explore”.

I think that this book would be a good gift for someone who is graduating or considering launching into a new venture.

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