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Well, we didn’t have any ideas posted for our last WWYD Wednesday on recycling, bin projects so lets try something else. I have this Trash to Treasure item on my beside stand. Can you guess what it is? Hint: scroll down a little and I’ll give away the answer.

If you guessed chicken feeder, you are correct. I picked it up a long time ago at a yard sale and decorated it with my rubber stamps and paint. It’s a little rusty on the inside, but I put down a doily in the bottom.

I used to use it on the back of the commode in the bathroom with the extra rolls of tissue, but when we installed a new modern design with a “flush” button on the top, I had to relocate my chicken feeder. Now, it’s right at home holding my books and other nightstand odds and ends.

So, what would you do with it? Can you think of a way to use a chicken feeder if you picked one up at a sale? For today’s WWYD, leave your replies in the comments below.



Trash to Treasure Decorating
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  1. We used something similar to this at the library I used to work at. It was a wooden tool box my kids made at 4-H but it's the same shape. We used it to store little kids board books. You know, the "kid-proof" books with thick cardboard pages. These books often didn't sit up well on a bookshelf with the other books so we put them all in one place. We placed them spines up. It was easy for the kids to get and easy for us to put away when they were done.

  2. I think it would be cute as a ribbon holder. Granted, it wouldn't hold that many spools but it would be super cute set out on your scrapbook desk with your favorite ones. I can't really tell the size of it but it seems about the right size. You could also use the handle for other ribbon and just clip the ribbon to the handle with small clips or decorative clothespins.

  3. I imagine this as an Easter decoration, with painted realistic wooden chicken eggs(or real blown out ones) on straw and a bunch of cute fluffy fake chicks in and out of the feeder(dispersing).

  4. I saw a similar caddy last weekend filled with various bottles of red and green fluids then each bottle decorated with evergreens and red or white ribbon and small red flowers.

  5. Great ideas! I could see all of them working well. Since I'm in a Christmas mood (getting over a foot of snow today here), I think my favorite idea is from dogsmom. Thanks for participating everyone.

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