WWYD Wednesday- Rusty Tub

It’s another What Would You Do Wednesday and I thought I’d make it a little easier this week. I saw this rusty metal tub on one of my excursions and I’m wondering how you would use it. Would you leave it as is? Change it somehow? What would you do with it?

 Frankly, I’m not even sure what it was in its original day. Anyone know what it might have been used for? Please excuse the poor picture quality. I was in a hurry and the tub was right in the sun!

Update 5/6: For those who wondered about size, it’s approximately 18 inches deep and the oval opening on top is approximately 12 by 24 inches. 

Link Up Your Idea

Linky Tools (formerly MckLinky) has made some changes, so I have to get used to the new format. Here’s how the WWYD list works.

  1. You leave your idea(s) below on the link list and next week, I’ll go back in and edit to name a winning idea.
  2. Add your name at the end of your idea (optional).
  3. Add a link to your blog or a specific post if you’d like us to check out your site or if you want us to see an example of your great idea.

The purpose of WWYD is to share great ideas, but also to network with other bloggers, so I love those blog links!

5/12 Update: I couldn’t decide on a winner this week! I liked all of the ideas equally, so I’m going to say you were all winners with great ideas. I love the blog links too! 


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