WWYD Wednesday

It’s WWYD Wednesday already! Congrats to Mallie for the winning idea last week on what to do with an airplane propeller.

I know, I haven’t shared any yard sale finds with you yet, but you’ll have to remain in suspense for another day or two. I hope you took the time to enter the iPhone giveaway sponsored by Garage Sales Tracker. In the meantime, what would you do with this? 

I saw this old stove at an antique store and wondered what my readers would do with it. I’m not sure the firebrick inside is up to code, so I have my doubts about turning it into a working wood burning stove.

The top part of the stove.

The bottom part of the stove.
My father-in-law has a similar type of old stove that he says I could have if I’d like. However, I’m not sure what I would do with it just yet. I have a spot in my dining room where I could probably make room to have it on display, but it’s very heavy. And it’s so big, that I’d like to have it serve more of a purpose than just sitting on display. 
So readers, what would you do? How can you turn an old stove from trash to treasure?
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Trash to Treasure Decorating
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  1. OH MY that is a fabulous old stove! I think I would use it on a covered porch/entry as a display piece for plants & garden items. Quite a heavy duty potting bench but how cute would it be with a potted geranium in an antique enamelware pot & some old metal green handled rusty gardening tools displayed on it. Lyn Kells

  2. I have an old electric stove from 1929. I display antique kitche items all over it. On top, inside etc then I leave some of the doors open and you can see things inside. I even have some brass mice hiding here and there.

  3. I would turn into a computer desk. I would put a piece of white granite on top or black on white with red specks (granite would be wider that stove for desk top) and paint the blue red and the white white, add glass knobs. Great conversation piece!!!

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