Where is the Boss? And Why Isn’t She Fired Yet?

Administrative Meltdown
If somebody would put away these papers on my desk, my office would be much easier to work in. If somebody would answer the phone and respond to e-mails, I’d have more time for what I need to do. If somebody would pay my bills and update my day-planner, I’d feel much more on top of things.
Unfortunately, I’m the somebody who does these things.
Have you ever felt like you were the victim of your own administrative problems? Some days, I feel like this.
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I think I need a makeover of my priorities…of my policies…of my practices. If I had a boss, he or she wouldn’t let me take as many days out of my office as I take. He or she wouldn’t let me procrastinate or make excuses. So, today, I’m not going to be a victim! I’m going to reorganize this administration from the top down. Cough. Um, that means it starts with me. 
Are you self-employed? Working from home? A domestic engineer (SAHM) looking for direction? Tell us how you’ve managed the distractions and time robbers to stay focused on your work. Or tell us how you’d like to improve your “home administration.”
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  1. Sorry, I have no advice to offer, but I enjoyed your post and learning that I'm not the only one. I suspect that if the internet connection to our house was severed, I could get more done.

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