When Life Hands You Crumbs…

I saw this basket of cookies at a place called Mana Sushi Teriyaki Wok in Port Orchard, Washington and it made me smile. The “misfortunate” cookies are broken fortune cookies wrapped in plastic.

Isn’t that a perfect example of what we can do when life hands us crumbs? We can choose to get upset, feel discouraged, or quit. Or, we can turn it around into something clever.

That’s a #repurposed and #upcycled life!

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  1. Love the analogy Michelle- God's redemption at work in our lives! Speaking of cookies- when I grew up in Milwaukee, WI there was a Johnson cookie factory that sold bag of broken cookies- and OH my- they were so good- my mom and aunt would go there and buy bags- my cousins and I loved them and valued them!

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