What’s Your Love Language?

As Valentine’s Day approaches in less than a week, have you thought about what you will do for your loved ones? Do you always buy gifts? Or does your celebration involve doing something for your loved one(s)? It’s a been a while since I read The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman, but I think it’s time for a review.
I know that my husband and I express our love in different ways, but we’ve never officially figured out our dominant love language. Chapman says there are five basic ways that we prefer to receive and often they way we give love:
  • Acts of service
  • Gifts
  • Words of affirmation
  • Spending quality time
  • Physical touch

I think my husband is thankful that receiving gifts is low on my list since it fits better with his budget. Hee, hee. He also works in the middle of nowhere, so shopping doesn’t fit with his routine either. But that doesn’t mean giving in other ways isn’t just as costly. For some people, it’s just as costly for them to carry out an act of service as it is for someone else to purchase a diamond, simply because it isn’t their first nature. Want to know your language?

Here’s a link to a free quiz from 5 Love Languages. I suggest you and your spouse both take the quiz and then compare. Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to re-think the way you express your love and learn how best to show love in a way your spouse most appreciates.

After you take the quiz, stop by and leave a comment telling your love language. Your comments will get you entered into the February book drawing. My primary language is quality time, but words of affirmation came in second, mostly because I like feeling appreciated.

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