What Would You Do With This Wednesday

I took a week off of blogging last week to catch up on some things. Now, I’m a blogging maniac this week on all of my blogs. I hope you’ve got your thinking cap on and you’re ready for another What Would You Do Wednesday. One of my facebook readers shared a link to her blog, and I’d like you to check out one of her antiques for our WWYD idea this week. 

Lyn from L Kells Antiques has this jelly cupboard for sale on her website  and that got me thinking, what would I do with it? Isn’t it great?

 And check out the inside:

 (photos from http://lkellsantiques.blogspot.com/)

Let’s imagine you purchased this cupboard from Lyn, and I’m sure she’d be delighted if you did, what would you do with it?

Share your comments below and I’ll comment back in a week and name my favorite idea.

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  1. LOOOOVVVEEE it! I'd totally keep the paint the way it is…put some varathane on it and put it in my bathroom to hold towels/soap/washcloths. I absolutely love that color blue!

  2. I would probably paint the outside heirloom white, remove the door and find the cutest scrapbook paper I could find and Mod Podge it on the inside back 'wall'. Then…hmmm I am sure I could find something adorable to adorn those shelves. I like the previous bloggers suggestion to put it in a bathroom and put some pretties on it.

  3. I couldn't decide between the two responses, so I decided I'd combine them. I'd leave the outside the color it is, but I love the idea of putting scrapbook paper on the inside.

    Thanks for the great ideas!


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