What Would You Do With This Scale?

I had an old baby scale that I kept on hand for weighing packages for E-bay, but since purchasing a digital scale, I hadn’t used it at all. So, last week, I sold it on my garage sale. An Amish family bought it. But before I put it out for sale, I snapped a picture so that I could ask you, “What would you do with it?”
It’s WWYD Wednesday and I’m wondering of any of my readers have an idea for how an old scale could be used for trash to treasure decorating.
Now, I know, I’m taking a risk since I’ve already sold the scale. Some of  you might come up with a great idea that makes me wish I hadn’t. But I’m willing to take that risk. What would you do with an old scale? 
Share your ideas in the comments below and I’ll pick a winning idea in a week.

Trash to Treasure Decorating
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  1. I almost bought one at a garage sale the other day. It was really neat, had a picture of a baby on the scale face plate too. But, I didn't get it because I wasn't sure waht to do with it! I should have got it….

    Still no get ideas. I just think it would be a cute decoration for a nursery. Maybe use it to hold folded blankets, or baskets with bottles, lotions, etc…

  2. LOL, it's funny how are minds think alike. When I first saw it I thought, "Paint it a great color and you could put a wonderful big bouquet of flowers on it". Use it for centerpieces, that's what I think too.

  3. Lisa, I just realized your comment slipped through the cracks and got buried in my spam! Found it when cleaning folders. I think I sold it for only $10, but I live in an area where yard sale stuff goes cheap.


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