What Would You Do With This Chair?

You’ve probably noticed that WWYD Wednesday came and went. I was away at a conference and didn’t have time before I left to set up a Wednesday post. I know, I know. I need to get my priorities straight. Or procrastinate less. Or plan ahead. I need a daylight savings week! Wouldn’t that be cool? We could set our clocks back a whole week and it would be March 11th again today. Oh the things we could think and dream up with an extra week. 
As promised, on my way home from the conference on Wednesday, I stopped by the antique shopped I’d spotted on my way and I asked the owner if I could take pictures. Huey graciously allowed me to walk around and browse the fabulous piles of junk he has on display outside his antique store. The town of Emerald Grove is little but a blink of a place, but it’s east of the city of Janesville, WI  at 8314 U.S. Highway 14, and it’s a great location to get great customer exposure.

Right on the main thoroughfare of the unincorporated village, Huey has a treasure chest of stuff for those who love trash to treasure decorating, and those who love making junk art. In fact, Huey says he’s going to learn to weld so that he can turn his own artistic ideas into fabulous pieces of art. If you follow this link to Google Maps, you can explore the front of the Antique Shop from the web.

I’ll be featuring many things from this expedition in upcoming WWYD with this Wednesday posts.


Today, I want to know what you would do with this chair that I found at the antique store. Some of the ladder rungs are missing and it’s pretty weathered, but it’s still filled with potential. Have you used an old chair in a unique way? Share your ideas and even link up your blog post with a picture on this week’s WWYD?  

I’ll name the “winning” (my favorite) idea next week. Sorry, I can’t afford prizes, but I’ll twitter and tweet about your tremendous creativity. 

(P.S. I won’t be having a Friday blog hop this week since I’m already late posting WWYD from Wednesday)


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