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Earlier this week, I showed a vintage window photo frame project from Stephanie, a new Trash to Treasure Decorating reader. She’s wondering what else she can do with similar vintage windows. You’ve likely seen some of my creations on the tab for my Etsy page at the top of this site, but I know you all have some other ideas for Stephanie.
For WWYD Wednesday, lets brainstorm about vintage windows.Most of my ideas are more vintage in look, but Stephanie wonders if there is something else that she can do that has a little more contemporary look. Leave your comments below! And maybe we’ll have Stephanie pick her favorite idea from the bunch after a few days.

Put your thinking caps on…


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  1. Perhaps think of the window has a message board. A contemporary chalkboard!
    Lay a coordinating color behind the entire frame and use glass markers to write messages. Each family member could have their own section. In a family with children this might be a great way to stay on top of chores or busy schedules.

    I love old windows and door frames – I think it's great that you've decided to use them creatively!

  2. We've had some good ideas on the facebook page too. Check these out:

    1. I have seen people paint them to make them look like a stain glass type of thing. I also like the idea of getting a huge picture that would fit the whole window and cutting it up to fit in each pane.

    2. She could also find vintage looking pieces of wallpaper and stagger them with pictures…or lace staggered.

    3. Put a piece of an old quilt behind it and then a small wreath of some kind on the front. I have done that with an old window frame.

    4. Place children's artwork behind glass. Painting the frame black would give it a very contemporary look.

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