What Would You Do Wednesday- Antique Buggy

I saw this on my local Craislist and although it’s out of my budget, it did get me thinking…what would I do with it? So, I decided to pose the question to my readers for WWYD Wednesday. Leave your comments telling what you would do with an old baby carriage. Where would you display it? What would you put in it?

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  1. Thats a GOLD MINE! Seriously I could think of many ways to make amazing things with it.

    1) Paint the Basket black and the iron silver to make it really pop. Then, because I am a fan of transforming weird stiff into lamps, wire it up with some lighting, maybe some christms lights, and fill the basket with flowers. Beautiful Garden piece.

    2) Detach the basket. Attach some wood, I'd use a small square end table, and you have a mobile counter top for intense cooking. If you cant find an end table without a weird looking back use a small shelving unit and paint it all around. And you have this unique basket to make into a centerpiece or put it in the bathroom (because thats what mom does with all her baskets) and you have a nice display for your hand towels or what-nots.

    3) Lastly (And what I'd probably do because I doubt number 2 will work) again detach basket and attach a bowl of some kind. It would need to be large and I would use a metal bowl to match the frame. Add water, and you now have a bird bath. Or add soil and flowers.

    4) Another Idea for detached basket would be to get a rectangle plastic container and make it into a planter. The catch is that you take some wire and attach it to the frame of the basket and hang it from the ceiling. Now it looks like a swing with flowers!

    Hope these work out!

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