What Would You Do Wednesday

Could someone tell me where time goes? Seriously. Where did a whole week go already? It’s definitely time for another What Would You Do Wednesday. And it’s time to announce the winner of the last WWYD, the Tiffany style lamp.  
I loved all of the ideas and it was very difficult to choose since each had its own creative merit. But the idea that I thought most brought the lamp up to date in a new way, was the idea from Mattie about mod podge. I could see it with a shabby chic scrapbook paper mod podged over the dark panels with the white panels left as is. I think it would also look nice to rub something on the lead parts to shabby it up a little. Thanks Mattie!
This week, I want to talk about what to do with that leftover tile from a project. Sometimes it’s just a couple of tiles, and sometimes it’s half of a box. I have 8 or 9 of these tumbled marble 4 inch tiles left.
I’ve seen leftovers at yard sales too, but I passed them up since I already have some in my basement that I haven’t used. I also have at least 20 ceramic 4 inch tiles that look something like these.
So, what would you do? Would you come up with some sort of crafty project? Or perhaps you’d use it for something bigger, like a piece of furniture? Tell us below what you would do. And if you’ve already done something clever with tile, but sure to include a link to your blog post in your comments.
When I announce the winning idea, I’ll also include a picture of some of the things I came up with.

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  1. My mother in law put little pieces of felt on the bottom of these and uses them as coasters. They soak up a lot of liquid rather than dripping off and they're large enough even for bigger glasses.

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  3. I just finished using some of these up. I'm going to be posting about it on my blog this week. I just need to find the time. Who am I kidding, right now I'm snooping on other peoples blogs. I made them into coasters and used a map on top. I swear I'll post about it tonight when the family lays their heads down.

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