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It’s time to update you on the latest What Would You Do Wednesday ideas. 

Antique Scale

There were three ideas posted for the antique kitchen scale. I think I’m most likely to use the idea from the anonymous poster who suggested putting a basket on top to hold mail or odds and ends. Now I just have to find the right basket!

Over the Door Towel Rack

 Two weeks ago, I showed my towel rack turned magazine holder on my office door and I ask what unconventional thing you would do with it. I love the idea from Susan at Busy ‘Lil Homemaker. She suggested displaying mini quilts on it.

I could also see it used on the back of a bedroom door as a valet. You could choose your outfit for the next day and hang hangers or loop pants over the bars. It isn’t a decorating idea, but it’s a functional way to reuse a piece. Or, imagine it on the back of the entry door with cute little clothespins for drying mittens and scarves. It’s functional but decorative.

This week for WWYD, I’d like to know what you would do with a mish-mash collection of plates. It could be china, enamelware, or pottery. Maybe you broke the rest of the set, or you received a plate as part of a gift. Either way, you’ve ended up with odds and ends that don’t go with sets. Imagine your plates in the picture below.

What do you do if you have just one of something but it has sentimental value? Or what if you have several one of a kind pieces but you’re tempted to donate them to the thrift shop? How would you use the odds and ends in your cupboards? Share your WWYD comments below and let’s see if we can come up with some “out of the box” ideas!


Trash to Treasure Decorating
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  1. Cool question Michelle~! Hmmm If I had one plate that was sentimental I would keep that one with other sentimental china pieces in my china cabinet. If I had multiples and really liked the patterns I would keep them and use them daily. Or you could use then in a cabin or cottage during the off season. If they were random pieces that I liked but wouldn't necessarily use, I would create a mosaic on a cast off or mirror frame or donate the pieces to an artist who could use them, or just donate them period!

  2. So glad you liked the idea of the quilts! I am keeping my eyes open for a nice over-the-door-hanging rack. 🙂

    An idea for the mismatched plates – perhaps create a tiered cookie plate from them? It would be completely unique!

    I just noticed on my sister-in-law's wall that she placed mismatched plates into a plate rack and hung them on her kitchen wall. They looked really nice and added to the overall decor of her home.

  3. Submitted via e-mail:
    I would break them up with a hammer then make a mosaic…small table top,
    stepping stone, etc. Or display them on a wall in one of those metal plate
    racks that holds 2-4

  4. I had an old scale that I lost in my divorce. I used it when I had to measure when I was cooking. I would put aluminum foil on the top and weigh meats or dough. I just acquired another one and will use it as a scale. I would clean up the one you have and just use it as a neat decoration. I know, no smashing or anything.

    Just as boring is my suggestion with the plates. I have mismatched plates that I use on a daily basis. I guess I don't have a need for matchy matchy. If you like something, just as it is, why do you have to change it?

  5. Another e-mail comment I received:
    Hi, Michelle, I love old plates and display them on shelves or on the wall. I have also put these antique round pictures or round mirrors in the
    center of some of my plates that are just plain in the middle.

  6. I have seen a display of plates on a wall. Each plate was hung with an individual plate hanger. All together, though, they can be arranged in an arc, line, or as a collage to make a collective decoration. Something different and 3D…a change from the classic picture on the wall.

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