What Would You Do- Antique Scale #2

Last week’s winning idea for what to do with an antique baby scale came from Late Night Coffee who suggested I paint it with Rustoleum, then roll up towels in it and put it in the bathroom. Your ideas were all great! Thanks everyone for participating. Someone asked what I sold that scale for. I sold it for $5. I had paid $3 for it at a sale when I bought it. Yes, I know, they sell for a lot more than that online. But it’s out of my basement, and sometimes, that’s priceless.

What Would You Do With This Wednesday

Since there were so many great ideas from the last scale, and since I sold it at my garage sale and cannot implement any of them myself, how about another scale for WWYD this week? A friend of mine gave me this antique scale (a friend who still owns her own antique baby scale BTW). She thought I could some up with a T2T idea for it.

I brought it home and mentioned to my husband that it would make a good patio decoration with a plant or something standing on it. However, this caused him to freak out. “This is a perfectly good scale! See how it still works? You can’t put this outside.”

So, now I’m passing the WWYD challenge on to you. What would you do with this antique scale? It has to be an indoor idea to satisfy my husband. And whatever I choose as a winning idea, I will attempt to duplicate and post the results.

Just to appease my husband, I did check online. And yes, these scales, like my baby scale, are worth a little. This one is probably worth around $25.

I’m looking forward to your WWYD ideas. Leave your comments below and I’ll name a winning idea next week.


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  1. Wow, what a great scale. If it were mine I think that I would girly it up a little bit. I think that I'd sand it down (not the face though) and then do an antique looking white on it. I would clean the face up some but not too much as to keep the old allure to it. Maybe I would paint the outside circle of the face a light color, not sure on that though.
    Whatever you decide have fun!!!

  2. Like the bathroom idea, I think I would refurbish the scale, and use it for a catchall for my mail. That way the basket, or bin that sits on the scale could hold my mail. Plus, couldn't you use the scale to weigh your
    mail for postage? 🙂

  3. I have an old scale. It's clustered with an old spark plug sign, license plates, car polish and tobacco tins, planers and a tool box. I have an aloe plant growing out of a coffee can with it too.

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