What to Do with Enamelware?

Enamelware-More than Just Cookware


I love enamelware! Most of mine I’ve picked up from garage sales or from family members who were parting with pieces. I use mine for decoration, not for cooking. Here are a few examples of how I’ve used enamelware.

The white pot on the counter top is perfect for hiding cell phone chargers and other clutter. If you’re wondering what the cheese grater is for, see my post about Cheese Grater Luminaries.

My mother-in-law had a box of enamelware lids in her basement when we cleaned it out. No pots, just lids. I’ve used some of them on my plate rack.

I picked up the painted pot lid at a craft show and the little black pot was a yard sale find. I hung them up in my kitchen.

This large pot lid was perfect for a tripod plate stand. Someday, I need to clean that sticky tape residue off of it!

I use my enamelware coffee pot as a flower vase for silk flowers. If you want to use real flowers you’re worried about rust, just set a glass vase inside the enamelware.
So how have you used your enamelware? Post a comment below and if you have a picture to show, leave a link to your website. And don’t forget that Friday is “Follow Friday” where you can link up to your favorite post of the week.

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  1. Hey girl,

    Just discovered your site, love it. Reading about sticky tape residue, use "Goo Gone". A friend helping me paint my son's bedroom turned me on to it. It got all the sticky tape, poster sticking putty, etc. off the wall for painting.

  2. I wish I had a picture to help w/ my description. My grandmother too had LOTS of enamel lids….missing the pots. My sister took the lids set a mason jar in the middle, used some large metal screws and made the neatest bird feeders. I get much joy watching the birds, knowing the history of the feeder.

  3. My family had lots of enamel ware.. I wonder what happened to it all? You gave me a few awesome ideas. I think we had something in red.. I think..

    DeDe@ VintageandFlea

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