What to Do When When You Don’t Know What To Do by Cloud & Townsend

Michelle’s February Book Review Blitz- Book #7

Have you ever been confused wondering which direction you should take? Life decisions can be difficult. Sometimes, it seems impossible to understand what God would want you to do and distinguish that option from all the others. 
If you’ve ever been on a trip, you know that it isn’t fun being lost with no landmarks for guidance. Anxiety sets in as other cars whiz by and you’re in the wrong lane to get on the proper street, or is it the proper street? Several loops around the block and suddenly you can’t tell North from South. You head in what you think is the right direction, only to discover later that you’ve veered way off course. 

What to Do When You Don't Know What to Do: 8 Principles for Finding God's WayLife can produce that much anxiety too. If you’re caught in a bad habit, looping around in a dead-end career, or stranded with no clue how to get on track, there is hope. Sometimes you just need to know where to go for guidance.
I just finished reading What to Do When You Don’t Know What to Do by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend. If you’re trying to find your way through a problem, maybe this book would be helpful. 
A Review of What to Do When When You Don’t Know What To Do

The book is subtitled “8 Principles for Finding God’s Way,” so it shouldn’t surprise the reader that there are eight chapters. Each deals with one principle for getting through uncertain times. The size of a gift book, this is a quick read. It’s almost a pocket guide. This isn’t a wordy or academic textbook. The authors teach the principles in simple terms making the content easy to process and apply to life. They use personal examples and illustrations, which makes reading both pleasant and practical, and the bonus material at the end provides guidance on several specific issues.

This book is suitable for giving to friends who are growing in their faith and those who aren’t familiar enough with the Bible to know where to seek direction. But I think the more spiritually mature will likely see the 8 principles as more of good review of the biblical concepts they already know.

Some of the authors’ statements are a little too simplistic. For example, the authors tell the reader, “All you have to do is ask [God] for answers and he will provide them”(p. 22). For someone unfamiliar with discerning God’s voice, the reader might not find it so easy to find the answers God provides. This could have used a lot more explanation.

Overall, this is a useful book. It would make a great graduation gift. I recommend keeping a few copies on hand to give to friends when they are experiencing a difficult decision or a discouraging season in life.

Note: I received a complimentary copy of this book for review from Thomas Nelson Publishers, however, my reviews are always objective and honest.

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  1. This looks great! As a Life Coach, I help walk women through the steps of knowing what to do next but still struggle with this in my own life from time to time. I love their practical style evidenced in their previous books so look forward to getting this one.

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