What Message Might Christian Signs Send in Between the Lines?

Wherever you stand on one side or the other of a hot-button issue, how do you feel about how a Christian ought to present their side to the world? Should we sit back and ignore the other side of an issue, or should we be “in your face” about it?

I believe the tone we convey is the more poignant message than the message we spell out in words. The best-intended thoughts are wasted if our tone conveys something opposite from our intentions.

What do you think about the following examples? This isn’t a debate about the issues, so it doesn’t matter which “side” you are on. Instead, I want to know what tone you hear in the message just as it is presented. What does it say to the other side, good or bad?


A billboard in Times Square from Answers in Genesis, featured on CNN.


Featured in a blog post commentary from a pastor named Jim Greime (I am not sure if he took the photo or got it from somewhere else).


A protester photo attributed to members of Westboro Baptist Church, a controversial group. 


A billboard in New York sponsored by Times Square Church. More info

What message does each of these signs say to you? If you feel negative about any of them, what is it about it that gives you that feeling?

Now, think about the creator of the sign? What do you think they intended to accomplish with the sign? What is the message they want to get across? How successful do you think they are are creating a change in their audience.

I’ll weigh in after you’ve had a chance to think and comment.

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  1. Only the last one has a positive tone – but is not the easiest to read – you have to look at it.
    The first ones are all confrontational and would make me want to fight my corner more strongly if they were aimed at me – there is nothing in them that would make me think the person or the God they represented wanted anything to do with me.
    The last one, has a positive message which is good – but also looks like an advert or Christmas card and isn't easy to read.

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