Vintage Window Wedding Gift Personalized with Silhouette Cutter

For the gift for the bride and groom at the wedding I attended this past weekend, I decided to create a personalized trash to treasure gift. Since the wedding was full of T2T decorations and I know the bride well, I knew that it would fit her style.

So, how did I make it?

I used an old window (from my own house) and painted the bottom half with chalkboard paint. Then, on the top half, I decoupaged scrapbook paper onto the back side. 

Using my Silhouette cutter, I created the vinyl letters in two different colors. A Silhouette machine allows you to create a custom design on your computer and then cut it. I create the design with all of the layers, then slid the white words off to the side of the screen while I cut the black lettering. Then I reversed it by sliding the black layer off and moved the white letters back on the page. By doing it this way, I could see exactly how the size of letters on the layers would fit. I applied first the white, then the black letters to the window. 


Trash to Treasure Decorating
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