Vintage Window Tranformation

Last week, I participated in a craft show where I featured my vintage windows. Unfortunately, there were more people looking for ideas than those looking for purchases. But, now I have a good amount of inventory and despite the extremely high rate to ship these, I think I’ll test them out on Etsy.

For today’s Transformation Tuesday,  I hope you enjoy my gallery of vintage windows. Remember, to keep safety and health in mind when you use vintage materials. Read more about safety concerns.

 Because of the space between the glass and the decorative background, the sunlight makes neat shadows of the words.

I love how the space between the background and the glass gives the pictures dimension.

Notice how on the photo above, there are some brownish streaks? If the vintage window was freshly painted, I use a mix of brown glaze to distress the wood a little. I brush it on and wipe the excess off.

I like to leave the original details in place. So if there is a window latch or a handle, I leave it right there.

See more of my windows Also watch for pictures of windows from readers who have done their own transformations.


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  1. Great idea! I have one hanging in my living room right now, and I just have it all by itself. I am going to try your idea! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love this as well and will try this also…. just wondering what you use for the paper to keep it from shifting and what you use for backing (if any). These look heavy…

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