Vintage Lamp Turned Plant Hanger/ Bird Feeder

My husband was about to throw this lamp in the dumpster when a little voice inside said, “I wonder if Michelle would want this?” So he set it aside to have me look at it. Of course, I wanted it! And of course he knows this by now. Something else inside him probably wanted to toss it before I rescued yet more junk and put it somewhere in our house.
 Please excuse the ugly deck and yard. It’s March. Nothing is pretty yet, but I had the T2T bug and had to decorate something!
You may wonder what I decided to do about the rust and such. I actually like it just as is and left it alone. It will be outside anyway. And I like the glass marble looking part near the base.
 This vintage lamp has no electric function anymore. The cord was already broken and removed. But, since the base is filled with cement underneath, it’s solid, and I saw it as garden potential. The cement gives it stability and keeps it from tipping over and I found it was perfect for hanging and lightweight plant. 
But then I decided it would make a fantastic hanger for my hummingbird feeder (when the weather warms up enough and they come back from migration). I could set an orange in the top for Orioles too. Or, I could put something on top to hold bird seed. We’ll see.
I like that I can see it from the dining room window…when the birds come back.
If you found this in the trash, what would  you do with it? It’s WWYD Wednesday, so feel free to share what you would do/ make out of it in the comments below.

Trash to Treasure Decorating
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