Upcycled Cabinet Door to Serving Tray

I’m going through some reader mail ideas that I have saved in a folder. But now, I have realized there were a couple that I never shared. Shame on me! I’m so sorry to those readers who shared their cute ideas and I neglected to share them. Ugh. 

For example, isn’t this a great idea? Kunika from the Pretty Homely blog [that’s the title of her blog, not my description of her blog] turned an old kitchen cabinet door into a serving tray by giving it a fabulous finish and adding handles. It’s that pretty?

I could do this! I have a kitchen cabinet door that I had painted like a flag. And I have some leftover handles too.

The only problem with mine is that it’s a little big, and it’s pretty heavy. So, i’ll save the idea for the future. Thanks for the inspiration Kunika!


Trash to Treasure Decorating
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