Transformation Tuesday: Vanity Table Rescue

I love stories of when someone finds something in the trash and saves it. Those jaw-dropping transformations that most people wouldn’t believe possible. That’s the heart of Transformation Tuesday!
Aubre Rice from The Rice’s World sent me reader mail to show me two items she rescued from the trash and revamped.
First, she took a pretty beat up vanity that looked like this: 
 And turned it into this:
The poor thing had just one knob when she rescued it. Looks like Aubre took care of that!
And then she rescued this chunk of weathered wood that most people would toss in the firewood pile (by the way, it’s bigger than it looks here):
And turned it into this:
Indeed, that transformation reminds us that anything is truly possible. I love it! Thanks for the inspiration Aubre. 
Know what I love even more? Aubre did this all for a friend who is redecorating on a tight budget. Sweet. Be sure to stop by The Rice’s World to see more about these projects.

Trash to Treasure Decorating
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