Transformation Tuesday – Repurposed CD Rack

I’m going to squeak a T2T makeover in here quick before the end of the day. I had a speaking event today and a big one coming up in a few days, so I couldn’t spend much time on transforming anything. However, I had just removed my CD’s from their rack and put them on a new shelf that I found at a garage sale. They’ll get less dusty on the new shelf and it holds lots more.
So I was left with this CD holder…
It’s about 4 feet tall, even though it doesn’t appear very tall in the photo.
I thought about the belts and scarves that I had squished in my closet on hangers and thought maybe this could make a nice holder. It did. 5 minute transformation. Score!
 By draping the scarves over it and feeding the tails through to the back, I can easily see exactly what I have from the front. Belts can hang on the knobs sticking up at the top.
 Here it is in place in the closet. Oh, and the thing hanging on the wall is where I store the other scarves…the ones that I wear a lot. Yeah, I know. I have a lot of them that I’ve collected over many years.
 That wall scarf holder is something I made a while back with old door knobs from my grandma’s house. No, I didn’t steal them. They were tearing down the house and I salvaged them.
That’s just a rustic picture frame with some mat-board and leftover wallpaper border with door knobs added. Works great for necklaces too.


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  1. Just stumbled onto your blog…great ideas! I love the CD rack turned scarf holder! I've got tons of scarves just laying around my bedroom…next time I see one of those at a yard sale I just might buy it! Thanks for sharing!

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