Transformation Tuesday- Reader Idea

Today’s Transformation Tuesday project comes from reader Jane Oetterer. She sent me photos and directions for a project she recently completed. When Jane had a chair that was beyond usefulness, she transformed it by taking it apart and recycling the pieces.
Jane says, “I had an awesome old chair that wasn’t structurally sound, so I dismantled it.  I zig-zag sewed together the seat support strips in a weaved pattern.  Then I hand sewed on rope around the edge.  I’m kind of simple in style, so I left it plain.  But I think a valentine theme word could be attached to it, but I’d hate to take away from the antique beauty and hand written markings.  A tip to others: I see you can purchase this material at walmart in the sewing trim and lace section now! Sorry, I don’t know what the material is called.”
Anyone know what those strips are called? Jane and I would really like to know!
Check out these photos Jane took of the project:
Thanks for sharing Jane! I love it!

If enjoyed seeing Jane’s project and you have an idea you’d like to share with my readers, just shoot me an e-mail and include a couple of photos.

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  1. Those strips are called "webbing". They used to be used to redo patio chair. I also use them as straps when I make tote bags.

    Love what you've done with them!!!

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