Transformation Tuesday- Plastic Storage Containers

On Black Friday, we decided to replace our dinosaur television with a new flat screen LCD. Once I got it in the armoire cabinet, I wasn’t happy with the sound. Because many of these newer televisions have the speakers on the bottom of the screen, the sound bounces off the surface of the cabinet. It rattled a bit and the cabinet seemed to muffle the sound. So, I looked for something sturdy enough to prop the TV up on. 
I decided that a pair of plastic storage boxes with drawers was heavy enough, but the white plastic was hideous. I forgot to take a before picture, but it looked something like this. It didn’t come in black at the store.
I decided to try out plastic spray paint. I haven’t used it before, but this seemed like the perfect sized project to test it out.
I started out coating it a little too thick and the paint ran a little, so I toned it back and did several thinner coats (like the instructions on the can say). I know, I should follow directions in the first place!
I’m very happy with the results! I also used some decorative scrapbook paper and cut it to a size that would fit in the front of the clear plastic drawer. I attached it with a little 2-sided tape and it can be changed at any time. In fact, it would be fun to change it out seasonally. And it hides the DVD’s and remotes stored inside.
It’s a temporary fix until I find something classier. But, it works and now, I’m thinking of some other plastics around my house that I could transform.

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