Transformation Tuesday – Pallet Benches Part 2

I finally had some dry days to get the deck re-stained and the new benches coated for the first time. I love how it turned out! In case you missed the first post, the benches are made from pallets and my only investment was in the bench pads from Walmart (only $20 online, and much more in the store). The pads were exactly the width of the pallets, and just the right depth for the way the seats worked out with the pallets. 
I originally purchased pads for the back rest too, but then changed my mind when I decided it was just as comfortable without them. So I returned them and got a big pillow which will make a great arm rest, or napping spot.
Here’s a shot of what they look like from the back. Again, I’m sorry that this project just doesn’t lend itself to a tutorial. Pallets are so different depending on where you get them, which means you have to design as you go.
We cut the pallets up and made one into the bench part and another into an upright (with just a little bit of an angle on the backrest). Then, we used additional pieces as supports to screw everything together.
 We stacked two pieces of pallet on top of each other to make them taller.
Here’s a view from the yard. The rest of the deck is pretty low to the ground, but this corner was higher. So, the benches take the place of needing a railing.
 We added a little table in the corner where the two benches meet. Great place to set a book and a cup of coffee.
My husband added an extra pole for the patio umbrella on the side of the deck. I can have it over the seating, or attach the umbrella to the pole on the table on the deck. It’s nice to move the shade around as needed.
These chairs also live on the deck. I bought them two years ago.
 And when I need to cover the pads for rain, I can fold the bench pads and put them under these rain covers from the other chairs. It makes for nice storage for my fabric pieces.
 Now, doesn’t that beckon you to sit and relax? I’m so happy with the transformation. Total cost: $55 for the two cushions and the pillow.
It’s my birthday present from my husband. 🙂

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