Transformation Tuesday – Even Functional Spaces Can Look Better

We live in an unusual house. Our “family room” is really an old church sanctuary. The house is basically a ranch house (the former parsonage) attached to an old country church. We use that sanctuary for storage, and a big game room for teenagers…this week it will be used to host a post-homecoming party for teens.
A while back, my husband installed a wood stove so we could heat the 44 by 24 foot room without huge cost. We followed all of the necessary precautions to make it fireproof, but we went for function, not beauty. After all, the room is quite dated with the paneling and partially carpeted, partially rough wood floors.
Recently, we upgraded to a better wood stove and decided to use up some castoff tile that was left in a pile where my husband works. It’s some sort of clay, I believe. Anyway, we didn’t care if there were a few chips here and there. It was the family room after all. So my husband covered over the bare cement board with tile. We’ve still got some trimming out to do, but I think it added a lot of “warmth” to the room, in more than one way.
Even functional spaces can be made to look better!
I’ve been doing a lot of transforming at home lately, just not in the T2T realm. I’ve cleaned cupboards and sorted files. I shampooed carpets and rearranged furniture a little. Guess I’ve got fall fever. I’m nesting down for a long Wisconsin winter.

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