Transformation Tuesday- Benches from Pallets Part 1

Almost 2 years ago now, we moved our deck from the front of our house to the back. (Finished Deck). Since then, I’ve been wondering what I could do about the one corner that’s just a little too tall for safety. We chose not to put a railing on the deck, since most of it is low to the ground. But one end, is higher. I considered a partial rail.
 In the meantime, I put the grill by the edge to keep anyone from walking off the edge.
Then I came across an idea on Pinterest for a sofa made from pallets and I thought having benches on that corner would be perfect. As much as I don’t mind this chair that I fixed up, benches sounded like a great idea.
So, I asked my husband to give me a hand with the idea. He found some free pallets for me. They were perfect for the project, since there weren’t the typical rough oak pallets. These were pine, and they almost looked like bench seats already!
Using the Pinterest inspiration, we made the benches up as we went. Thus, my lack of a tutorial. Your bench design will depend on the pallets available to you.
 Starting to take shape.
 Rough yet, but coming along…This is part of the stacking and fitting process. Nothing is screwed together yet.
Dry stacked so we could see how they fit. Now, I’m sanding and staining. However, part 2 will have to wait until next week. I need a couple of dry days for staining!
I can’t wait to show you the finished benches, complete with chair pads next week.

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