Transformation Tuesday

Since we’re still buried under a heap of snow up in Northern Wisconsin, I’ve not been out thrifting yet, but I’m counting down to spring. In the meantime, those of us who love thrifty decorating can get our fix from Craigslist.
As I was searching around the web, I ran across a nice, simple Craigslist transformation. Erika showed her handiwork on her blog “Erika With a K” and I’ll show a few pics of her project, but you’ll want to click the links to her blog in this post to see the whole story. She started with a plain pine colored coffee table.
Photo belongs to Erika
She painted it white and then distressed the edges a little. 
Photo belongs to Erika
And then in another blog post, she showed how she spruced it up even more by adding new knobs. Isn’t that cool?
Photo belongs to Erika
I love the change! Erika with a K, your blog is inspiring.
Friends, if you try to copy Erika’s technique, I’d suggest priming with something that will make the paint stick (Like Zinsser 123, or Kilz). You’ll still be able to add the distressing because the sandpaper will cut through the paint and primer.
Or, if you want a darker color showing through, you can paint it all black, and then do the white over the top. After it dries, you can sand lightly to remove just the top layer of white to reveal the dark color.
You gotta love a good Craigslist transformation!

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