Transformation Tuesday- 15 Minute Mouse Pad Makeover

Today’s T2T makeover is quick and simple. And, just in case you misread my title, we aren’t going to do a makeover on a mouse house (mouse pad). Although, that’s about all it would take for me to make over a mouse nest. I’d transform it into a De-Con bait station.

Do you have a ratty looking mouse pad by your computer? Maybe it has some advertising, or maybe it’s just really grubby. Either way, you can transform it in just 15 minutes (not including the time to purchase supplies or stand in front of your fabric scrap bin for half an hour trying to decide which pattern to use).

I’m almost embarrassed to show you the before picture. Eew.

Since I was tired of looking at an ad for a phone company I never used, I wanted something prettier. Here’s what I used for materials:

  • Scrap of fabric just slightly bigger than the mouse pad.
  • Fusible web. I used Heat and Bond heavy duty.
  • Iron
  • Scissors
  • Ironing board

 First, I cut a piece of fabric.

Then, I cut a piece of fusible web and ironed it onto the BACK side of the fabric.

Once that was fused on, I traced the mouse pad. It’s important to lay it face down so that it fits right when you fuse it on.

Next, I cut out the shape and peeled the backing off the fusible web to expose the glue.

Now, it was time to fuse it on.

It’s important to follow the directions for the fusible web and it’s also important not to heat it up too hot. This fuses really fast. After fusing, I flipped it over and checked for any excess hanging over. That’s easy to trim up with the scissors.

I did two since I had the stuff out.

And the other one…

Nothing like finishing with a blurry photo. But, since I’m blogging at a local coffee shop and not at home, I can’t take a better photo. Boo.

It took me longer to blog about it than it did for me to do the project. Seriously. You can do it!


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