Too Many Books?

Although it seems as though it would be impossible to have too many books, there comes a time when every book hoarder has to part with a few. Recently, I took the advice of a friend and signed up for a website called Paperback Swap. It’s a site where you can list books that you’d like to trade. There are guidelines for the shape they must be in, but it’s easy to list them by the ISBN numbers on the back of the book.

I thought I would share the info with you on Tuesday’s everyday ideas.

By listing ten books when you start out, you can receive one bonus credit to be used towards any available book you’d like to order. When someone requests a book on your list of books, you package the book and mail it out at your cost. When the recipient logs in and confirms that the book has been received, you’ll receive a credit that can be used towards ordering a book from another member. If the book you’d like is not available, there is a wish list feature where you can be on a waiting list (if it isn’t unreasonably long).

In the first 2 weeks, I traded 20 books! That means for the cost of postage for sending out the books people requested from me (around $2.36 per book), I can obtain a “new” book to read. Yes, that’s a lot of books to wrap and mail, but they have printable labels and you can purchase postage online if you’d prefer not to drive to the post office.

Isn’t that just perfect for book lovers on a budget? Think you’d like to try it out? Follow my links and I’ll receive credit for a referral. try Paperback Swap for yourselfTrade Books for Free - PaperBack Swap.

Are you really into DVD’s? They have a Swap-A-DVD too.

Don’t forget to check back and let me know what you think. 

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