Toilet Paper- What Would You Do?

I have 46 minutes left in Wednesday, so I’d better get this blog post up on the double. Those Monday holidays sort of confuse my weeks. It feels like Tuesday today!
On today’s WWYD, I’m featuring toilet paper. What clever project have you made that used toilet paper? Or what cute ideas have you seen? Use the whole roll, use parts of it, or use it as a paper mache…any way you use toilet paper to make some sort of decor.

And don’t forget the cardboard tube. I know some of you have some very creative decorating project that recycle the tube.

Remember my fall pumpkin made from a roll of toilet paper? Get the full tutorial here. 

I found this classy cast paper project on Art from the Attic. Wouldn’t this magnolia be terrific matted and framed?

Photo by Art from the Attic

These days, a roll of TP isn’t much more than 50 cents, so it makes the perfect budget-friendly project ingredient. 

Ready to share your idea with us?

Here’s how:

  1. You leave your idea(s) below on the link list and next week, I’ll go back in and edit to name a winning idea.
  2. Add your name at the end of your idea (optional). Example: I would paint it green and add yellow polka-dots. Then add glitter and sequins. From Michelle Rayburn.
  3. Add a link to your blog or a specific post if you’d like us to check out your site or if you want us to see an example of your great idea.

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