Thursday – Low Cost T2T

Quick and Simple

This quick and simple T2T idea wasn’t exactly trash to begin with, but it was a clearance item that needed help. After Christmas, a local department store had its decorations marked 75% off and I picked up some decorative words. They were around $1.00 each. I brought them home and hung them on the wall, but I thought they were a little bit gaudy for my taste. They were silver with silver glitter on the fronts.

You’ll have to trust my description because I can’t seem to find the before pictures. I must have deleted them or filed them in a place I can’t find. Anyway, when I had out the spray paint for my chandelier makeover, I decided to give my sparkled words a spritz of paint to tone down the glitz a little.

They still have some sparkle, but now they’re more platinum than silver. Words and monograms are all over the place. Next time you see one that doesn’t suit your taste, why not consider the possibility of spray paint?


Trash to Treasure Decorating
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