Thrifty Thursday- Christmas Gift Idea

For thrifty Thursday, I’d like to show you an idea for a cute gift that is perfect for when  you need a little something to give. I’m giving them to my friends in my women’s group and I’ll be making a few more for little Christmas gifts.
This isn’t necessarily a decorating idea, but these post-it note holders would look so cute by the telephone that they are almost a decoration. Or imagine if you added a magnet on the back. It’s perfect for carrying in your purse as well. Now, you’re probably wondering where the trash part comes in.
Well….these cute little post-it holders can be made from the 4×4 inch cardboard coasters they give you to set your drinks on at restaurants. Now, I needed to make more than just a few, so I used up some scraps of matboard. You can use pieces of chipboard too. Or you can purchase blank coasters from American Coaster (large quantities) which I also di.
Here are a few more pics of my work in progress and a picture of the inside.
Covering the coasters with paper.
Inside view.
The blank coasters.
Isn’t that cute?

Trash to Treasure Decorating
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