The Practice of Audacious Generosity

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Kevin White found himself in a performance trap in bondage to the fear of failure. Fired from the ministry, this painful experience afforded him the freedom to live generously. He asked God to give his family food so that others could eat. In one year, they went from a family needing food to sharing food with over 500 families per month.

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Inspired Life

In our interview, Kevin talked about being a pastor and having such an unhealthy focus on work that he lost his job. Their process of surviving financially led to founding a ministry and a whole movement of generosity. Almost broke, God led him to feed others while trying to figure out how to feed his own family.

Kevin also talked about what it was like to be caught in a performance trap and trying to measure up to an impossible standard.

About Kevin White:

As an author, speaker, and leader, Kevin White, is convinced that audacious generosity transforms the world. Kevin’s on a mission to empower a culture of generosity throughout the world with his book, Audacious Generosity, and his annual campaign, Generosity Award.

A seasoned pastor and entrepreneur, Kevin founded With Love From Jesus Ministries in 1999 to distribute essential resources to high-need populations. The organization continues to carry out its original mission by distributing millions of dollars in resources each year to those who need it most. In 2003, Kevin founded Global Hope India, and he continues to lead the mission-minded organization focused on Indian Nationals as its executive director. Kevin has traveled to India over 50 times taking one thousand people on short-term mission trips to India.

Outside of building successful nonprofits with world-changing impact, Kevin has started churches and businesses. He speaks internationally and hosts three podcast shows in the USA.

An ordained minister, Kevin received his undergraduate degree in 1989 from Southern Wesleyan University. Kevin and his wife, Shelly, have been married 33 years. They have three adult children and one grandchild. Kevin and Shelly live in Cary, North Carolina.

Life, Repurposed

Kevin said PushPay Research found of families that make $75,000+, only 1 percent donated a tenth if their income. PushPay Research also found that giving to mission is down 50% since 1990.

We talked about God’s principles of generosity. This isn’t prosperity gospel. This is about trusting that if we return a portion of what God gives us back to him, he will provide for our needs in unexpected ways.

“Generosity is something that happens long before you crack open your wallet or you write a check…If you’re not generous with kindness, if you’re not generous with compassion, you’ll never be generous monetarily.” — Kevin White

“We think when we get blessed then we will be generous. God says generosity is your path to blessing. Jesus flips God’s blessings upside down! It’s more blessed to give than to receive. Generous then blessed. God has never asked anyone for something he himself hadn’t already given them in advance.” —Kevin White


Recommended Resources

Audacious Generosity: How to Experience, Receive, and Give More Than You Ever Thought Possible

From the back cover:


Given the choice, every one of us wants to be more generous, but fear holds us back. Audacious Generosity shows you how to exchange any sense of pressure and regret about giving for genuine confidence and satisfaction.

Gone are the days where you feel pressured to be the giver. Instead, Audacious Generosity will empower you to give limitlessly—as God gives through you.

By reading this book, you will learn to enjoy a loving relationship with God that’s fueled by courage, characterized by freedom, and overflowing with audacious generosity. As God combines courage and freedom in your life, you will experience, receive, and give more than you ever thought possible. See what happens when you open your hands to God and commit in advance to use what He puts into our hands to fulfill His mission.

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