The Pinterest Project Day 5: Shucking Corn on the Cob

I thought I’d take a trip back to late summer for today’s Pinterest project. Remember summer? When it was warm and the gardens were in full production? I miss that. I can’t make fresh salsa from the snow that covers my garden right now.

Anyway, I saw a post about an easier way to shuck sweet corn and knew I had to try it. A little bit of a spoiler here–I labeled the idea a fail at the time I tried it. And I thought I would blog about it today to explain how it failed. However, as I went looking for my “pin” on Pinterest, I discovered some other pins that made me realize I was missing some information. Pinterest lesson number one: be sure to read all instructions and don’t assume you know how to do a project from a glance at a photo.

From the original post, (I probably looked at a picture but failed to read) I thought that all I had to do was chop the handle end off an ear of corn and the shuck and silk would slide right off, leaving no silk behind. However, now that I see the following blog article that someone pinned. I think I was missing a key step.

On the Garden of Discovery blog, there are instructions for shucking corn the easy way. 
Here is a photo from the Garden of Discovery blog.

 So, what did I miss in my assumption? The corn is cooked in the microwave before this step. I may or may not have tried the next step without cooking the corn. And I may or may not like admitting I’m wrong. Okay. Confession time. I lopped the end of the ears off raw corn and couldn’t figure out why my results were terrible.

So, now I’m stuck with a dilemma. I have no sweet corn to try this again (until next summer). So, is this a success or a fail?

I’m going to call it a fail. Not because the technique doesn’t work, but because I failed miserably at following directions. Have some sweet corn at home? Try following the directions and let me know how your experiment turns out.

Pinterest Project Score
Successes – 3
Fails – 2

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  1. Hi Michelle! I had watched a YouTube video of a guy who did his corn this way. Looked so slick! We wanted to try it but it was after corn season so haven't had a chance to try. Next year!

    Had to laugh with you about not following directions! I've never pictured you as a person who does not follow directions, purposely or otherwise, so this was just funny. I'm sure it won't be a fail when you try it again!!

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