The Pinterest Project Day 31: Hash Brown Experiment

I saw on Pinterest that I could make crispy hash browns in my waffle maker. Sounded like something I had to try. This photo on the Chow blog from a post titled “Common Appliances, Uncommon Uses” demonstrates how they ought to turn out.

Emphasis on ought to. 

Mine didn’t work quite as well. But first, I have to admit that I’m running short of time at the end of the Pinterest Project and decided to use an experiment I conducted a while back. And I didn’t take pictures. So, I want you to close your eyes and imagine my waffle-maker. Now…

Oh, wait, you have your eyes closed, and you can’t read the post anymore. Are you there? Anyone? 

For those ignoring my request to close your eyes, here’s how mine turned out. I used frozen shredded hash browns. They started turning brown, but that took a really long time. And in order to let them get more brown, I left them in longer. They still didn’t look like the picture above. It sounds logical that more time would yield more browning, but this made them a lot more chewy, and they sort of lost their shredded shape and became a lot like chewy mashed potatoes shaped like a waffle. 

So, I did it. Once. And that is the end of the story. A Pinterest fail. 

I haven’t tried the waffle iron to cook brownies yet. Perhaps, I give that one try too. Think it will turn out like the picture on the right from Chow?

The Pinterest Project – Final Score
Successes – 22
Fails – 4
Neutral – 5

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