The Pinterest Project Day 30: Digital Scrapbooking

I’ve spent the weekend and a crafting and quilting retreat where I have worked on my scrapbooks. I’ve been transitioning from traditional scrapbooking with paper and large totes full of supplies. The digital version is very flexible on the outcome, and involves hauling a laptop. How is the outcome flexible? Digital scrapbookers can create a purely digital finished product on a disk. Or, they can print 12×12 (and other sized) pages to slide into a traditional scrapbook. Or, they can order fully bound books from sites such as Shutterfly and Snapfish. 

Digital scrapbookers can choose from a host of programs to design their pages as well. I have chosen to use Photoshop Elements because it offers the most flexibility in design and editing. This means, I have to figure out where to get some cool graphics. 

Pinterest has a heap of links to free graphics. One of the popular pinned sites is Granny Enchanted. The site has free downloads that can be used in designing pages. I follow the owner of the blog to get the most recent posts of free downloads.

Newsletters such as Collect-A-Kit and Scrap Girls offer daily freebies to download and store for future use.

Pinterest is full of page layout ideas, links to scrapbook sites, and more. It’s a whole new phase of crafting, and highly addictive for the techie type. I know. Because I am one. And now, I shall go to Pinterest to see if they have a Digital Scrapbookers Anonymous.

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