The Pinterest Project Day 29: Organizing a Sewing Area

Pinterest is a place for building envy if you aren’t careful. The site is full of home sewing areas to drool over, and wish for. However, I don’t have such a space in my home.

This room featured on the blog Sew Many Ways is awesome!

And the Creative Living Blog has this cute little closet turned into a sewing space.

On the day 28 Pinterest Project, I created a case for my iPad keyboard in 30 minutes. This is possible only because I have my space organized and ready to go when I need to sew something quick.

I have converted our old television armoire into a sewing center. I mounted an under-cabinet fluorescent light and mounted it inside. I also recycled an old cutting board and turned it into a pullout shelf for the sewing machine. At the time I made it (a long time ago), I didn’t take pictures of my method, but basically, I used pieces of scrap lumber to create a frame on either side (like a groove) that would allow me to pull out the board and slide it back in.

 The cabinet is in the dining room where I can pull open the doors and use the table surface. For big projects, I pull the sewing machine out and do the project on the dining table, but this is awesome for small projects and mending.

Pictures always make something look more cluttered! And that chandelier kind of got in the way. Someday, I’m going to paint the inside white. The doors are dark inside because I experimented before deciding on a faux finish for the outside. I went with the light color for the outside, but never fixed the inside.

In many ways, Pinterest is a dangerous place for wishing we had something we don’t. But you can see from my example that adapting and flexing can be very satisfying. If I had a bigger space, I’d probably feel guilty for never having time to use it!

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