The Pinterest Project Day 23: Bible Reading App

On day one of The Pinterest Project, I mentioned that I began reading through the Bible this year. This time, I have decided to do it digitally for the first time. I’m using an app that’s been pinned all over Pinterest called YouVersion. It’s free, and contains many translations of the Bible.

Most versions are available when you have wifi. However, several can also be downloaded to your tablet so you can access it when you are away from internet access. I love the program because I can highlight and take notes. I can also see notes from other people who have made their comments public. I have chosen to keep mine private. I’m still exploring the options, but I highly recommend the app!

I have it set up to send me a daily reminder when I log onto my tablet. On the reading plan I chose, I check off the box next to passage I’ve finished reading. There are plans that are in chronological order, ones that include an Old Testament and New Testament reading each day, and many others. I choose to go through the OT first and not combine with NT readings.

[Posting this from my tablet and realizing how limited I am in creating posts. Sorry if it doesn’t look right on your computer today. I can only paste photos below the text. And I can’t make pretty colored text. 🙁 ]

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