The Pinterest Project Day 22: Fixing Chipped Glassware

Less than two weeks ago, I bought a set (2 boxes) of glass tumblers at Ikea. They looked sturdy, and the matched set I bought about a year ago did not stand up to our family’s use. The thick glasses with solid bottoms looked like a perfect solution. And the price was great too.

However, when we got home, I saw that one glass in the box was already chipped on the rim. Another chipped on the first trip through the dishwasher. Since the store is two hours away, a return isn’t possible. I get over in that area a few times a year. So, I decided to see what Pinterest had to say about chipped glassware. 

Turns out there are a couple of different posts about it. But the most helpful was one from Welcome Home Farm, because all it called for was a nail file. Sounded easy.

It was! In minutes, the sharp edge of the chip was filed to the point where it could be used without injuring someone. The chip is still there, but it’s smooth, more like sea glass. I guess I can live with that if it means I don’t have to toss two brand new glasses in the trash. 

I tried taking pictures, but getting a picture of a chip on glassware is impossible. Okay, maybe not impossible for some people, but impossible for me. Instead, I will show you a picture of my glasses from Ikea…the photo from their website, which was taken by someone much more capable of producing good photos.

VÄNLIG Glass IKEA Stackable; saves space when stored.

That’s what they are supposed to look like without chips on the edges. Now, just imagine the chips. At $3.99 for 6 I’d hardly consider it worth trying to take them back right now. Thanks to TJ for blogging about the Pinterest successful solution to cover up Ikea’s big fail.

The Pinterest Project Score:
Successes- 17
Fails – 4
Neutrals – 1

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