The Pinterest Project Day 21: Mailbox Planters

It was 17 degrees below zero here this morning and my bathroom pipes and drain froze. So, it might seem a bit unusual that I’m thinking about flowers and summer container gardening. But I am. I’m dreaming okay? Let a girl dream. Especially if she lives in a frozen tundra.

I saw a post on Pinterest that I knew had to be part of my project, even though I can’t carry out the plan. In fact, I wouldn’t carry it out, and here’s why.

I saw this photo from Flickr on Pinterest.

Cute huh? Here’s why I won’t do it and why it is forbidden in some places.

Think about what type of insects likes beautiful flowers. Did you say bees? You are correct, oh smart one! Now, imagine being a mail carrier and reaching through bees to deliver mail. Ouch! Ever have a bee get in your car? Yeah. Not fun. 

In some areas, the postal service may leave notes requesting homeowners not plant flowers around the mailbox. Even though I’ve never received such a notice, I avoid anything heavily flowered. I have sedum and hostas around the mailbox since they are mostly foliage. If you must have something colorful, consider an ornamental metal stake or fake flowers scattered among the greens. 

Let’s call this one a Pinterest fail, despite its beauty and let’s work to keep our mail carriers safe!

The Pinterest Project Score:
Successes – 16
Fails – 4
Neutral – 1

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  1. Whew. I'm glad there are no flowers around our mailbox. Some of my neighbors have them, though. I've never thought of it from the mail carrier's perspective. Thanks for pointing that out, Michelle.

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