The Pinterest Project Day 19: Getting on a Fitness Track

Some of you may have wondered what I was rearranging furniture for yesterday. A friend is loaning me her treadmill. I actually did some more rearranging today, since it was bigger than I thought, and didn’t fit where I planned to put it. 

I’m so desperate to get back on track fitness-wise that I’m not worried that it stands prominently in the living area. If I put it anywhere else, I’m sure to abandon the routine and make excuses: the family room is too cold, no TV signal, no Netflix, yada, yada, yada. At least, in the living room, I have heat, TV, Netflix and I have to walk past it as a big reminder every day.

I moved a chair, and an antique side table, moved another piece to make room for those, moved another, then moved it back. I had a full workout before I even hopped on the treadmill! When I finally had it all in place, I popped over to Pinterest to see if there were any tips on treadmills. Well, after I walked for 20 minutes. 

The morning news has been talking about fitness machines, this being the season of New Year’s resolutions and all. One news feature showed people doing their work on treadmills. Pinterest didn’t disappoint in providing options. 

For example, this treadmill work station on Hey, Look What I Got! site:

Hmm…something to consider as a writer. Not. I would need a lot of practice to pull that off without crashing of the back. I do, however, have room on the ledge on mine for an iPad, so I could possibly do something. Like watch a movie, or listen to music. Or browse Pinterest!

Blogger Steve Brown built his own treadmill desk: 

Steve says: “Yesterday, I built a contraption that turned my already hideous treadmill into something even more aesthetically questionable: a home office. I am typing this blog post on my MacBook as I walk on the treadmill at 3.5 miles per hour.” Read the full post

As I walked on the treadmill, I couldn’t help but imagine Jillian Michaels from Biggest Loser screaming at me. Not my kind of workout! However, a post on Pinterest from Fitness Magazine does talk about interval training which is intriguing. Actually, the machine I have has some intervals built in where the treadmill incline and speed will change throughout the workout. A workout can be chosen with the press of a button.

Pinterest has some printable interval workouts. Like these from Fit Fab Cities.

Do you have a treadmill? What kind of workout do you usually do? Walking at a stead pace? Using hand weights? Intervals with speed and incline?

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