The Pinterest Project Day 18: Virtual Furniture Rearrangement

I love to rearrange the furniture! I do it often enough to drive my family crazy. After taking down the Christmas tree this month, I decided to make a few changes. And then today, I thought I would make a few additional modifications to make room for a new item. 

As I moved things, I wondered if there was some other way to decide on furniture placement without dragging it into an arrangement only to shuffle it all around again.

A Pinterest post featured a free virtual arranger. I took a few minutes to play with it, and it was kind of fun. You can save your arrangement to come back to it and make changes in the future. 

Check out MyDeco 3-D Room Planner.

You can specify the dimensions of your room, place windows and doors, and add paint and carpet. There are hundreds of choices for furniture and accessories too.
It’s also a place to try out new paint colors and flooring. And if you get the itch to rearrange too often, just stop by the site and play a little–do some virtual rearranging.

There are additional sites that allow you to do some virtual decorating. Check out this blog post on 10 Best Free Online Virtual Room Programs and Tools from Freshome Design and Architecture. These sites have fantastic options.

Pinterest Project Score:
Sucesses – 14
Fails – 3
Neutral – 1

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  1. I wondered how well these kind of things worked. I'm not a furniture rearranger. Things tend to stay where they're originally placed. Maybe this will give me the courage to try something new.

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