The PInterest Project Day 13: Kitchen Stand

If you’ve been following my Pinterest Project, you know that I’m trying, or evaluating some project or recommendation from Pinterest every day for 31 days. 

Since I’m a day behind on this post, I’ll make Day 13 a quick one. I saw a post about a cake stand used by the sink to hold dish soap and hand soap. The original post is on a blog called Natalme. Here is the photo from that blog:

It didn’t take me long ot duplicate it. I had a candle stand (remember the 3-wick candle years?) that I wasn’t using anymore for its intended purpose. I slapped a dishcloth in there and put my dish soap in an oil jar (it dispenses very slowly BTW). I added some hand soap and a sugar scrub for dry hands. 

A grainy picture because I took it in low light, but you get the idea. So much better than having clutter all over the sink edge?

Total success on that idea!

Pinterest Project Score:
Sucesses – 10
Fails – 3

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