The House that Cleans Itself

Spring Cleaning Help

Does your house clean itself? Mine doesn’t.

I hate cleaning house. Well, it isn’t that I really hate the actual cleaning part, but I hate that it gets dirty again so quickly. For example, recently I spent a good part of a day cleaning, doing laundry, and baking. Then my two boys arrived home from school along with three teen boy friends. Within thirty minutes, there were shoes by the back door, crumbs on the floor and the Better Homes and Gardens scene was over.
Worse than keeping a house clean is keeping it organized. I consider myself an organized person, yet I still have days where I search everywhere for something I’ve misplaced. I’m always looking for new organizing ideas. Which is why I recently picked up a copy of “The House That Cleans Itself” by Mindy Starns Clark.
The back cover promised creative solutions to keep your house twice as clean in half the time and how to get your family on board in the process. Mindy Clark delivered on her promise. This is a terrific book! She has ideas for creating a flow pattern in your house and figuring out ways to minimize issues with clutter. She approaching organizing with common sense and applies innovative ways of thinking to her method. I enjoyed the book so much that I’m planning to pick up additional copies to share with friends.
One additional benefit to Mindy Clark’s approach is that she infuses the application with faith, and I love anything that integrates faith with everyday processes. Each chapter begins with a scripture reference. Throughout the book, the author includes examples from her own life and others experiences that help the reader apply the concepts. Each chapter concludes with a humorous embarrassing story from someone who has struggled with organizing.
I highly recommend this book to anyone who is looking for new cleaning and organizing ideas. It’s spring cleaning season. Why not start fresh with a new method?
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