Thanks for the WWYD Ideas!

You’ve all been great about giving WWYD ideas on Wednesdays. My favorite idea for the chicken feeder from last week’s WWYD came from DogsMom.
Since it isn’t yard sale season, and I’m starting to run out of material for WWYD posts, I’m going to be hunting around on the Craigslist and FreeCycle websites for photos of things I can post with the question, “What would you do with this?”
If you have an item and you’re not sure whether it is trash or treasure, feel free to e-mail a photo to me and I’ll post it to my readers for WWYD inspiration. Also, I’m considering a Trash Versus Treasure feature where I post a photo of something and you vote whether it’s trash or treasure. 
I seldom post on Saturdays, but we’re getting a ton of snow here in Northern Wisconsin, so I thought I’d blog a little and muse out loud today. Happy Winter!

Trash to Treasure Decorating
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