Thank you, from Michelle

Some time ago, I was actively blogging on Trash to Treasure Decorating ( and on Faith Creativity Life. Life changed, I got busy with my career and had to just let it go for a while. Recently, I relaunched my website on a new platform and incorporated the blogs from both places into one. It’s really my heart! I love to share decorating ideas. And I share many on Facebook, too. I also love to share a laugh and an inspiring word. It’s at the heart of what I do.

To make life simpler and to connect with all of my readers better, I merged everything into one blog. I relaunched this week with some upcoming guest posts. If you were one of my Trash to Treasure readers, thank you for allowing me to infuse a little everyday humor and grace into my repurposing ideas. If you were one of my Faith Creativity Life readers, thank you for coming along on the journey as I show you why every creative thing I do is also part of the fabric of who I am.

I’m excited to be back!



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