T2T Mini Transformation Tuesday

Life in my Trash to Treasure world is pretty much consumed with Christmas preparation, so my T2T transformations are small. This week, I had my rubber stamps out working on some Christmas gifts, and I had the inspiration to fix a little problem we’ve had in our household. 
With two teen sons, they tend to leave a lot of cups sitting around. They like to leave them on the window sill by the kitchen sink, but I complain that they get in my way when I open the window in the summer.
Then, they tried putting them on top of the refrigerator. With all the other junk.
In fact, they seem to leave them everywhere. They leave the cups. I complain. But in their defense, my boys say they are trying to save on dishes for me so they don’t grab a new cup every time they want a drink of water. 
So that gave me an idea. Why not give them a better place to keep their cups. 
I had two enamelware cups that we seldom use and I decided to label them with their initials. I used white StazOn ink.
After I stamped their initials on the cups, in put cup hooks in the bottom of the cabinet nearest the kitchen sink.
A quick solution, but so far, it’s worked.
It’s also more convenient for me to grab them when I’m doing dishes, wash them out, and hang them right back up for them.
A simple mini-transformation for a maxi-busy season.

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  1. Great idea! With 4 kids, you can imagine the number of cups at my house. Rubber stamping on dishes opens up lots of possibilities. Is the ink safe for plates?

  2. I sent an e-mail to the company to ask about it being safe on surfaces for eating, however, they did not respond. I know that people stamp on ceramic for it, but can't find any statements about it being safe on the eating surface.

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